AGMT was founded in 1993 to collect Tuscan mycological associations and to promote mycological research. To date, the AGMT consists of 25 groups. The Association carries on intense editorial, scientific, legislative and local activities. Since its foundation AGMT has been collaborating with the Tuscany Region: since 2012 it has been organizing preparatory courses for the collection and consumption of epigean mushrooms.
The AGMT herbarium is kept at the Study Center, which also houses a library and a microscopy laboratory. Among the publications, in addition to the Annali Micologici AGMT and Micologia Toscana, we mention the volumes "Storia della micologia in Toscana", "I funghi in Toscana. Mappatura e censimento dei macromiceti epigei" and "Libro rosso dei macromiceti della Toscana". In 2019 the first edition of the course of molecular mycological systematic and first conference for rediscovery and enhancement of mycological herbaria was organized.

Curator and corrispondent

Alessandra Matteini, Dott. - e-mail:


Andrea Cristiano
Alessio Pierotti, Dott.
Renzo Trassinelli


Taxonomic Coverage: Macrofungi; Microfungi; Lichens
Geography: Italy, especially Tuscany region.

Number of Specimens

8645 (updated: 07/11/2021).

• Incorporated Herbaria
AGMT Erbario Centrale Toscano ser. I (862 specimens) in 1992-1997;
Erbari Comitati scientifici AGMT (533 specimens) in 2003-[open];
Erbario AGMT Erbario Centrale Toscano ser. II (1016 specimens) 2014-[open];
Erbario AMB Gruppo di Volterra (31 specimens) in 2003-2010;
Erbario Bonelli (138 specimens) in 1996;
Erbario Cecchini Narducci (300 specimens) in 2016-2017;
Erbario Francesco Doveri (4115 specimens) in 1989-2016;
Erbario Ilario Filippi (268 specimens) in 1982-1990;
Erbario Lami (50 specimes) in 2018-2019;
Erbario Merlini (76 specimens) in 1980-1990;
Erbario Pera (197 specimens) in 2011-[open]; Gruppo Micologico Livornese (229 specimens) in 1995-1999;
Museo di Scienze Naturali di Rosignano (660 specimens) in 1985-2018

• Important Collectors
I. Filippi, F. Doveri

Rule (in Italian)
Herbarium Regulation

logo AGMT

Presidente : Luca POLIDORI - email: - PEC
Segreterio : Massimo PINORI - email:
Erbario : - Alessandra Matteini, Dott. - e-mail:

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