Micologia Toscana - Official journal of the A.G.M.T. Bandierina Italia

Micologia Toscana is the ufficial magazine of the Associazione Gruppi Micologici Toscani. Micologia Toscana is released in one issue a year and it deals with topics related to mycology in general, in its many aspects, with preference for papers on Tuscany mycoflora.
The magazine is composed by a scientific part including works on systematics, taxonomy, nomenclature, biology and ecology of fungi, plus a general and more didactic part.
Article shall respect the editorial rules that can be downloaded here.
articles intended for publication must be sent to the Editorial Staff, mail address: redazione_mt@agmtmicologia.org.
Maximum 3 paper copies will be delivered to each author (independently on the number of articles where he is involved), anyway with a maximum of 10 paper copies per article.
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2023 Copertina Micologia Toscana Volume 5


Della Maggiora
Leucoagaricus crystallifer, first report for Tuscany.

C. Agnello
Brief review of the ascomycetes that can be found in dune environments.

F. Bersan, C. Brun & G. Zivoli
Palynological studies of the sediments of the caves of the Trieste Karst: preliminary investigations in the Skerk Abyss.

G. Di Giuseppe, P. Crincoli, F. Maltagliati & P. Bovi Campeggi
Finding in the province of Lucca of a rarely reported species, Pycnoporellus fulgens.

Micologia per tutti

P. Rogosky
“Congo” Red: what’s in a name…

Micoflora toscana

A. Cristiano :Hygrocybe olivaceonigra 76-77
F. Giannoni :Cryptomarasmius corbariensis 78-79

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